Penthouse Corridor Renovation

This project involved the interior renovation of the penthouse level of a 60’s high-rise rental apartment building while it was fully occupied. The parameters of the design required materials to be affordable and durable, as well as easily maintained. The Penthouse level needed to embody tasteful luxury and distinction from the other floors of the building expressed through rich textures and a harmonized colour palette.

Smooth rich travertine flooring is complemented by the tactility of penny-round tiles.

A modular carpet system comprised of a gradient of soft grey hues with a continuous wood slat ceiling unifies the halls.
Suite identity side panels with a beautifully variegated penny-round glazed tile and elegant gold suite numbers.

credits: project led by Melodi Zarakol while employed at Kohn Shnier Architects. Photography by Melodi Zarakol.

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