Lobby, Fitness & Common Areas Renovation

This project involved the interior renovation of the ground floor lobby, below grade lobbies, common areas of a 60’s high-rise rental apartment building as well as the addition of a multi-purpose/fitness amenity area. The renovation will be carried out in phases.

Scope: lobbies, basement levels, laundry, corridors, pool

Ground floor lobby with new concierge station clad in a rich Calacatta marble. The existing travertine walls are retained and complemented by a new travertine floor. The existing sunken floor is raised thereby becoming barrier-free and incorporates vibrant modular carpeting.
Ground floor lobby – view towards elevator bank. Select walls are re-clad in white solid surface to contrast the existing travertine walls and provide the opportunity for displaying art.
Basement Elevator Lobby – new travertine and wood slat ceilings allows for ease of maintenance without compromising aesthetic quality.
Basement Elevator Lobby – Given that many tenants and visitors enter the building via the parking levels, basement lobbies are treated with the same standard of quality finishes as the ground floor.
Laundry Room with a new multi-purpose room beyond. A custom cascading mosaic tile transitions from a black floor to a white wood slat ceiling.
Laundry Room – new finishes gives this space a fresh and modern look while a tinted mirror expands the space.
Rooftop Pool – Similar to the multi-purpose room, a custom mosaic tile transitions from dark to a cloud white ceiling.

At the client’s request various schemes were explored for the ground floor lobby, experimenting with numerous materials and colour palettes.    

In this black and white scheme the existing travertine walls are replaced with white solid surface in keeping with the white ceiling and the calacatta accent wall.
In this rich colour palette a gold slat ceiling is complemented by the warm tones of a wood concierge desk.
In this iteration the warm tones of a wood slat ceiling is offset by the coolness of white solid surface walls and a white Carrera marble hex-tile accent wall.

credits: project led by Melodi Zarakol while employed at Kohn Shnier Architects