High-Rise Apartment Building Corridors Renovation

This project involved the interior renovation of a 60’s high-rise rental apartment building while it was fully occupied. The parameters of the design required materials to be affordable and durable, as well as easily maintained. For example, a random assortment of carpet tiles not only meant that a stained tile could be easily removed, but also could be replaced with a tile of a different dye lot, pattern, or colour.

Scope: 16 floors – corridors

Colour schemes alternate from floor to floor to allow tenants to quickly identify their own floor and instill a sense of kinship.

The flooring is composed of modular tiles from various patterns and colour collections in anticipation of maintenance over time. As tiles get stained over the years, dye lots change or get discontinued, however, a randomized pattern allows any tile to be replaced without being detected.

A unique pattern of gradients (pink to green to pink) was implemented on the amenities floor to differentiate it from the other floors.

Slate tile flooring and glass mosaic walls add durability and luxury to the elevator lobbies.

Suspended circular ceiling panels and slats allow ease of access for maintenance of building infrastructure and to pinpoint leaks and address them expediently.

Feature wall coverings line the elevator lobby walls.

New suite identity panels were colour coordinated with the flooring and complete with integrated lighting in keeping with the circular theme of the ceiling panels.

BEFORE – outdated green, dark and worn plagued these old corridors.

credits: project led by Melodi Zarakol while employed at Kohn Shnier Architects. Photography by Melodi Zarakol.