Queen West Restoration

This gorgeous heritage Victorian home is a perfect blend of old-world charm and sensitive modern interventions for this young Toronto couple.

New arched openings echo the curvature of the original windows of this heritage home.

The goal of this restoration was to maintain the existing character of the residence as well as to put a spotlight on the features that made the homeowners fall in love with it in the first place.

Interior Elevation: Arches are introduced at room openings as well as at doors.

Arched geometry, while omnipresent on the front of the house, was completely devoid on the rear façade and interiors of this home; lost over the years of poor renovations. Therefore, each intervention to the home sought out to reintroduce this lost geometry to celebrate the home’s character and re-create a more unified whole.

New arched patio doors will open the interiors up to the outdoors bringing in much needed light as well as introducing curved geometry that is prevalent on the front façade.
Rendering Looking into the Kitchen depicting the new glazed exterior archway which then gets replicated in the curvature of the kitchen island and passageway beyond.
The ubiquitous arched geometry found in the home’s original windows and doorways is reflected in the passageways of this heritage residence.
Plaster once concealed this original brickwork fireplace now allowed to shine once again. Luxuriously thick original baseboards are restored and replicated throughout.
View down the second floor corridor. The delicate curvature of the railing is mirrored in the arches throughout the home.
The original entry and chandelier bring rich character to this Victorian home.
The original staircase and spindles in the process of restoration.

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