Lobbies + Common Areas Renovation

This project involved the interior renovation of a 60’s era high-rise rental apartment tower while it was fully occupied. In order to maintain the character of the building and its original design, alterations were done with surgical precision marrying existing elements with new.

Scope: Lobbies, Basement Levels, Laundry room, Mailroom, and Corridors

The floor of a sunken area (a sixties design staple) was raised to regain functionality to this lobby space. New materials and patterns of the new concierge station are blended seamlessly with that of the original hexagonal travertine flooring.
Existing barriers into the mailroom were opened up to enhance the flow from the lobby and functional millwork was integrated into niches to facilitate recycling.
A custom mirror is the main feature of this elevator lobby with a graphic of the building itself.
Luxurious travertine adorns the floors and walls of the basement elevator lobbies elevating the space.
The rich textures and materiality of the renovated spaces hark back to the existing travertine floors and walls retained at the ground floor lobby.
Transition from elevator lobby to corridor.
A bold graphic mosaic tile pattern makes a statement in this universal washroom at the laundry room.
Basement level corridors consist of a monochromatic material palette balanced with the dynamic play of light fixtures.
Suite corridors get a much needed make-over.
New suite identity panels with braille improves the universal accessibility of the building.
Rendering of new concierge station and custom storage wall.
Rendering – Ground Floor Lobby

Credits: Project led by Melodi Zarakol while employed at Kohn Shnier Architects. Photography and renderings by Melodi Zarakol.

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