Kindergarten School Addition

This unique project involved the integration of nine prefabricated modules constructed off-site with an on-site renovation of an existing school. Fabricating the addition modules off-site allowed the school to continue functioning safely while the addition was being built. Once school was out, on-site renovation works commenced. The delivery of the modules became a spectacle for both students and neighbours as they watched their school grow piece by piece.

Each kindergarten classroom is identified by a different colour as a marker for the students. The colours are used at each separate entry and follows through inside the classroom as a feature wall.
Each classroom has it’s own separate access to the shared courtyard play space allowing ease of navigation and flow of natural ventilation.
All nine modules were delivered to site via trucks. The size of the modules were restricted by the maximum flatbed size as well as the lowest clearance height under bridges en route to the site.
The modules were then hoisted off the trucks to be placed on site.
Crane and crew carefully placing the modules.
The process repeats until all nine modules are sited.

Credits: Project led by Melodi Zarakol while employed at Kohn Shnier Architects. Photography by Melodi Zarakol.

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