Sea Ranch Residence

The Sea Ranch is an unique planned community located in Sonoma County, California right off of the infamous coastal Highway 1. Rich with picturesque views of the Pacific Ocean and beautiful meadows and mountain ranges, its inhabitants are encouraged to live “lightly on the land.” Projects must undergo a vigorous design review process with a committee made up of local architects upholding the principles first laid-out by the original architects in the sixties.

East View (from private road): The massing of the residence is pulled apart into a Private Block and Public Block and in so doing creates a courtyard space for the clients to enjoy the breath taking ocean views whilst still being sheltered by the wind.

The primary ocean view from the meadow site is to the west, however, it is also the source of the strongest winds making it unbearable to enjoy outside on some days. The solution was to provide the clients with a variety of outdoor spaces with varying degrees of wind shelter without compromising the view. The courtyard space is nestled in between the massing of the house and screened by operable bi-folding glazing that can be opened up in it’s entirety on low-wind days. The western deck is also protected by a low screen, that while in a seated position does not block views, but provides some wind protection as well as privacy from the highway.

West View (facing Highway 1): The Public Block housing the living, dining, and kitchen, take full advantage of the striking views of the ocean. Expansive sliders and operable bi-folding glass doors allow the interior to have a seamless connection with the outdoors.

The roof peaks of the private and public block are shifted asymmetrically enhancing their visual impact as two separate and distinct objects in the landscape. They are perceived as a cluster of small buildings harmoniously blending with the landscape rather than one large mass dominating the land.

South View: The bedroom is housed within the Private Block capitalizing on the romantic sweeping view of the forest south of the site.

The exterior of the house consists of a refined material palette of stained tongue & groove vertical cedar cladding complemented by a standing seam metal roof with no overhangs. A skylight that transitions into a vertical window slices through the roof opening up ocean views to a loft inside.

North View (driveway approach): Simple, iconic and minimalistic forms define the character of this Sea Ranch Residence.

credits: in collaboration with Sarah Pack Design.

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